World Without Facebook – really?

World without Twitter, Google nor Facebook….lets think how the world would look like without Facebook. I know, that’s a big thing but Sujan Patel from SingleGrain published infographic – “A World Without Facebook”:

A World Without Facebook
[Via: Single Grain]


World without Twitter?

Have you ever (ok for last few years) thought about world without Twitter? You know…day without teet every second…retweet every minute?
hard to imagine?
Jessica Meher published on hubspot infographic – “10 Possibilities in a World Without Twitter”

World without Twitter – you better check who is following you 🙂

infographic from hubspot

How to Plan Building a Website?

wall2I have been checking some information regarding building website. As someone who is not a webmaster all I need to know and all I really want to know is a well-prepared schedule –> step by test agenda what needs to be done.

Here are some ideas what you should expect from company/people who will build you a website or at least make sure they will cover some of those steps:

project schedule

  1. do some research –> what exactly do you want, check the best websites (from your area of interests),etc.
  2. define goals
  3. define audiences
  4. inventory and reorganize the content –> if you have old website or you have content which you want to publish on your new website
  5. gather technical requirements
  6. choose the right platform
  7. design layout of your website (don’t forget it should fit to your company’s logo)
  8. usability testing
  9. build the website
  10. develop a management plan for the website
  11. update and manage the content
  12. quality test
  13. user acceptance test
  14. double check for any bugs after user test
  15. launch the website

this is the suggestion and every of those points should be develop.

Jennifer Shaheen at pointed out some suggestions what you should be focus on during planning build a website.