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That’s right. I’m moving my personal blog…again (which is the second time). This time the location is called GroovyTakeOn. It would be great if you could check my new place, it’s all about groovy randomness and I hope you are going to like it.

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When Something Doesn’t Work…

believe in yourself

That’s it! It’s time for a change and I mean it. Why is it almost always the same pattern: when something doesn’t work, instead of trying a new approach I keep repeating the same mistake. Now when I think about it two things come to my mind:

  • why do I keep repeating the same pattern?
  • it’s getting boring to do it over and over again

I think it’s about fear of stepping out of the comfort zone. Even when we know that we should try something new it’s easier to stick to the old habits hoping that “maybe this time it’s going to work”. Come on! It’s NOT going to work unless we try something different.

Now it’s time to leave the comfort zone for a moment and see if we can try different approach. I know I’m going to try it…wait! I’m already doing it. It’s scary but I can’t stop.


Water and Marketing

water in the box

That’s it! How much are you willing to pay for regular water? Of course it depends you say. But let’s imagine this scenario: you are at the local store, there is no drought and you are not really thirsty. No pressure. You just want to buy some water. There are so many different brands and prices to choose and finally you see something called “Boxed Water Is Better”. That’s right, that’s what I saw at the local store the other day.

…and I stopped and asked myself: is this “Boxed Water Is Better” is really better than any other bottled water available at the store?

And then I asked myself a second question: Why am I even thinking about this “Boxed Water Is Better”? I even did some research online on that brand and it seems that the only difference is in the package – that box. They say that it cost less to ship those boxes and it’s better for the environment.

  • …so why then a box of “Boxed Water Is Better” is more expensive than other regular bottled water?
  • maybe it’s not about the water at all, maybe it’s about a lifestyle?

Did I buy a box of “Boxed Water is Better”? Yes I did. And you know what, it tasted like…water.

Marketing, you won again.

Newsletter vs. Spam Mail

office on the go

That’s it! Have you ever checked how many newsletters you signed up to? Well, I haven’t. But few times a year I do the “spring cleaning” and unsubscribe from some of those newsletters. Recently I asked myself a question: why do I subscribe to receive newsletters in the first place? and why I don’t like newsletters?

Here are some ideas why?

  • I don’t like emails in the first place so getting newsletters daily or weekly makes me feel uncomfortable
  • I don’t have enough time to read all those newsletters
  • I guess I’d rather check updates via Twitter
  • email-Inbox is the last place I want to check
  • the “newsletter folder” is already full of unread emails. I think I’m kidding myself that I’ll read those emails in the near future

Ok, I get it – I don’t like emails that much but there is something that I can do to help manage that issue and not consider newsletter as spam email.

Here are some ideas:

  • keep one email folder just for newsletters and direct automatically all newsletters to that folder
  • give a newsletter a 1 month “I like you trial” and see if you really like it or not so much. After that time you can decide whether you should or shouldn’t subscribe to the newsletter
  • every few months do the “spring cleaning” and unsubscribe..unsubscribe…unsibscribe
  • check (just in case) if the author of the newsletter publish the same content on his/hers website – so you can check it directly there or via Twitter (maybe by creating another list just for profiles of people who send me newsletters?)

Nobody likes spam email and sometimes too many newsletters might make us feel like we are spamming ourselves.

What do you think? What’s your tactic to deal with newsletters?

It’s Too Much…or Maybe Not?

which way

That’s it! There are so many social media platforms available right now that it’s hard to mange everything at the same time. It’s time consuming and it might be a little chaotic if you are not paying attention to what’s happening.

Does it mean that we should stick only to what we know, select few platforms and don’t use other? No way! Ok, if you want to that’s fine, but come on, it’d fun to test what’s out there even if after testing period we decide it’s not working for us (Ello, Tsu).

It’s the way digital world works – every so often there are new apps, platforms presented and some of us (users) try those out. If we like it we are going to incorporate it into our everyday work, and if it doesn’t work…oh well..bye bye.

World’s changing and there is not much we can do about that, so let’s now get upset that there is a new feature, new app or a change made to the existing one. It’s just part of the game.  We can handle that, right?

It’s Personal

burning tree

That’s right! Everything it’s personal now. No matter where you go on-line, it’s personal. People are telling you to use live video streaming platforms (Periscope, Blab, Facebook Live), be on Snapchat, etc. and share your story. But what does it mean to share your story? Does it mean that before we didn’t have a chance to tell our story? Does it mean that before it was not about us?

For last 10 year, since Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram took over the world (on-line and off-line) we are sharing our stories all the time. No matter where you go – there’s someone telling you about their experience/life/etc.

So what is that “tell your story” movement all about? We are sharing our personal stories all the time and everywhere we can whether others like it or not.

Maybe instead of just sharing a story we should try and and pay more attention to sharing a good one.

The Beginning of the End

burning tree

End of January. New Year resolutions project is on. Everyone (ok, many people) are trying to keep it up and not give up but what’s going to happen by the end of February? The thing is that by the end of February there are going to be fewer people at the gym (that’s the first sign) – which means it’s the beginning of the end of New Year resolution project.

I decided that I need to keep up with my goals and I don’t do New Year resolutions, just continue working on my goals. Not easy but that’s what I do.

You and Rest of the World



Here’s the thing, you work a lot, you are tired and you don’t have too much of free time. And here I am talking about adding something more to that full list. Volunteering. 

Helping others is a beautiful thing, most of the time 😉 By doing small good deeds we are building a better world. You don’t have to go big, just start small in your local community. There are many volunteering programs you can choose from and all you have to do is to check at your local City Hall or any non-profile organizations you can think of.

Why should we volunteer?

  1. You make someone else happy by helping them
  2. You make yourself happy by helping others
  3. You are doing something good in your local community

I bet there are other reasons why it’s worth volunteering. The way I see it: doing nothing is not the option. Volunteering can help you to find the balance between you and the rest of the world. 


groovytakeon_magic night

Having secrets is nothing unusul.  It could be a small or big one but at some point in life we had/have/will have a secret  

 that we don’t want to share with anyone. I just think that keeping secrets is tiresome so I guess the best option is to not have any secrets, right?Is it even possible to not have any secrets? And have that simple secrets-free life? What do you think?