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puzzled world

Let’s talk about patience.  But before we do that, maybe it’s good to take a deep (very deep) breath. Are you a patient person or  …not so much? Or maybe it depends on people and situation?

Why it’s so easy to be patient when comes down to strangers and at the same time we hold different standards when we work with/help our family members? Or is it just me?




Living On the Go

office on the go

Oh! So you work remotely, one day at the coffee shop and another … everywhere you find a place to sit and set up your tiny office, right? It’s never easy although some people might think it’s so great, that we are free as a bird (really?) and we can work from any place we want.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing (sometimes it’s even funny) but to do it right and you need to learn few tricks and organize your tiny office as much as possible. It’s true that we can sit wherever we want and just start working but at the same time we need to take few factors under consideration:

  • If you want make some phone calls you need to make sure that it’s not too loud around you. In case you have no other way – headphones are always to rescue
  • In case you want to watch some videos, etc. then you need decent Wi-Fi connection
  • Taking a break. That’s right! Sometimes you need to get up and use the facility, just make sure you can pack your gadgets quickly 😉 it’s not always safe to leave your laptop/tablet/etc. in a public place
  • Extra battery/battery packs. You never know if you are going to have a chance to recharge your devices right away

I bet you can add few more examples to the list above.


Talk to Me…Siri

talk to me Siri

If you own iPhone or iPad you know what I’m talking about. And those who own smartphones with Android operation system – then you have sweet Google Now feature you can talk to.
From time to time I talk to Siri, and it’s not just “wake me up at 4:50am” or “Send text message to…” but I actually ask Siri some very important questions. What?! that’s right, I ask about meaning of life and Siri can answer that question easily. But when I try to get directions to nearest store, then it’s like talking to the wall.

Come on Siri, talk to me!

End of the Year. Now what?

new year resolution

End of the year it’s usually a crazy time for some people.
Why? Come on you know why.
We are thinking about goals we haven’t time to accomplished and now it’s too late to do that. Then it’s the beginning of the new year and you know what’s going to happen. We are going to plan new (old?) list of goals to achieve during next 365 days.

I guess that’s why there are so many people signing up to the gym at the beginning of the new year and by the end of February the gym is deserted again.

That’s why few years ago I decided not to create new plans at the beginning of each year. I simply just keep working on the list that I already have. How about you? Do you like to create a new list of goals at the beginning of the year. How does it work for you?

It’s the end of the year…do you celebrate that time or do you feel not so happy after all?

I’m Baaaaack


Yes, I’m back. So what you might say 😉
I decided to reactivate my personal blog. The business one – GroovyPinkConsulting is doing great (and if you have a moment please visit). For quite some time I was thinking that maybe I should try and write again my personal one as well. SO here it is good and bad, random all the way.

Oh! and one more thing: no more “thought of the day” posts just 100% randomness!